So how do I actually start a mindfulness practice?

 How do I actually begin a mindfulness practice?   Mindfulness is becoming a buzzword.  You hear it on TV, people are talking about it at work, and it’s all over your social media pages.  So what is it, how is it useful, how do you start? Let’s dig in… A mindfulness practice can feel like a giant looming endeavor. Maybe that’s… Read more →

Why you should go barefoot in the name of your health and how to make the transition

Barefoot!  Why you should do it and how to make the transition…   I think you should try to go barefoot for the rest of the summer, and that most supportive shoes and flip flops can be bad for you and your feet. However, there are several disclaimers to this statement: 1. If you suffer severe pain in your feet… Read more →

What are the two big things missing from your exercise routine?

      What are the two things missing from your exercise routine? Mindful awareness and breath!   Mindfulness what is it? Simply put it is the connection of your mind to what you are doing, where you are in the present moment. Making your brain and thoughts be glued to the here and now, NOT, what is for dinner?… Read more →

“Don’t stand and text like that” and other baby steps toward cleaner, more efficient movement in 2016!

Baby steps toward more efficient movement in 2016! Tis the season to resolve! Resolve to eat better, lose weight, be kinder.  These are all great resolutions, don’t get me wrong, but they are giant looming goals, which personally freak me out.  I work a lot better with mini, teeny tiny, baby steps size goals.  Being a movement specialist, I’d like… Read more →

An inspiring testimonial from an intelligent and passionate yoga teacher

This is a great piece about the benefits and usage of this essential and emerging field!   Thank you, Peiling Junek, Yoga Teacher at Kula Yoga Project in NYC for the truly humbling testimonial about Physiyoga!     I struggled with chronic pain from a troubled psoas for more than a year. Despite several attempts to address the issue, my… Read more →


Activity Monitors? Good? Bad? or Indifferent?

Activity Monitors? Good? Bad? or Indifferent? I have a hard time wrapping my head around whether or not I should get one of those new gadgets that monitors literally every step and move I make… Part of me says ,”YES! this is great, I’ll be more accountable and know exactly what I’m burning”, the other part says “I’m a yogi,… Read more →


What is the deal with Achilles Tendonitis?

What is the deal with Achilles Tendonitis? Thanks to my former patient, Maria More Grant, for your continued running of 50 mile plus weeks, for your inspiring achilles inquiry.  Hope this answers your questions! PS. I’ll blog some exercises with pictures to help as well. What’s the deal with Achilles tendonitis Throughout my history treating athletes including yogis, runners, cyclists,… Read more →

Shoulder woes?

Shoulder woes?   Hi There, I am so thankful to have had a successful shoulder workshop at mala yoga in cobble hill brooklyn in February, that I’d like to share some nuggets of information that was taught. Subtlety is key: Often we are told by physical therapists or yoga instructors to stick our chest out or pull our shoulder blades back, while… Read more →


Yoga Poses for expecting mommas to be

Yoga Poses for expecting mommas to be Hey Pregnant Mommas, soon to be pregnant mommas, and those post-partum mommas! These are the poses that I found to feel the best and felt to be just what I needed while pregnant. Some strengthen, some stretch, some do both, but generally speaking I feel its the right combination for a pretty comprehensive… Read more →

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