I struggled with chronic pain from a troubled psoas for more than a year. Despite several attempts to address the issue, my condition failed to improve. At its most tolerable levels, the pain complicated the mundane tasks of life – walking, sitting, even sleeping. At its worst, the pain interfered with my practice and teaching of yoga. I was on the verge of resigning myself to permanently living with my psoas dysfunction before turning to Diana for help.

Diana was the first to assess the patterns of my body as a whole instead of focusing solely on the problem area. She showed me how many of my movement patterns throughout my body contributed to the pain I experienced in my psoas. By focusing on systematically rewiring all of these interconnected patterns – via PT drills, yoga, and mindful release work – into healthy forms of movement, Diana was able to free me from pain in just three sessions spanning a little less than three weeks.

Beyond being unexpectedly free of pain in my psoas, other lifelong issues in my body that I had previously chalked up to genetics suddenly vanished in tandem. Overall, the condition of my body improved beyond what I ever thought was possible.

Working with Diana has also sharpened my eye as a yoga teacher. As a yoga teacher herself, Diana is able to speak my language, giving me valuable PT-inflected insights into anatomy and alignment that allow me to safely take my students deeper into their own bodies.

What I love most about working with Diana, though, is how invested she is in resolving the problem. For Diana, pain is never the status quo, and she does whatever it takes, to the best of her ability, to ensure you think so too. – Peiling Junek (Yoga Teacher, Kula Yoga Project) 


Yoga therapy is a wonderful specialty for healing and preventative care. Diana Zotos is at the top of this profession. Her knowledge of body awareness and the human muscular and skeleton body is impressive. She is also a very attentive, intelligent and kind person and therefore a pleasure to work with.

I have had several issues over the years – from recovery from accidents to bone surgery, and in each instance, Diana has been key in my recuperation, both with respect to recovery and keeping me fit.

She has been a godsend and anyone dealing with preventative care to keeping one’s body healthy to recovery from an injury or surgery should seek out Diana. -Sharon Handler Loeb (wife of Ambassador John Loeb)

This work is important to me – I think it’s an essential way to tune into my body, my physical holding patterns & postures. I’ve learned so much about alignment and that awareness is integral to a pain free life. Diana’s work in combining the movement and mindfulness of yoga with the skilled hands and mind of a physical therapist offers me a new safe, effective and enjoyable way to achieve and maintain my fitness. – Kim Cattrall


Sports are a huge part of my life and, when I put out my back, I thought it would permanently impact my ability to do what I love. Diana not only identified and fixed the immediate issue, but also comprehensively examined my movements – in normal activity, in sport, in yoga – to identify the root cause. She provided me with a program that has helped me to amend these basic movements so that the risk of putting out my back again has fallen precipitously. Moreover, she equipped me with the knowledge to be able to understand what should feel right – and what should feel wrong – during yoga class, tennis matches, ski races, etc… I have since been working with one of Diana’s pupils, who has addressed each of my yoga poses in turn. After doing yoga 5x per week for over 5 years, I was shocked to learn that so much of what I was doing was hurting – not helping – my body. By applying the knowledge learned from PT to my yoga practice, I have dramatically changed my approach to yoga. I feel stronger, healthier and more athletic as a result. –Anouk Dey (Former Skier for Canadian National Team)


I do not consider myself a yoga person at all and was initially skeptical that Diana’s holistic techniques would work for me, however, there is no questioning the results. I have worked with Diana consistently for the past three years, and she has skillfully integrated techniques to treat my discreet injuries (knees, back, wrists) while also taking a natural approach to injury prevention by focusing on strength, balance and posture. Her teaching has been integral to improving and maintaining my physical health and well-being. – Dr. Henry G. Jarecki (World renowned financier, Board member, Yale university school of Medicine) 

Working with Diana and using her YogaPhyx system has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I used to think my knees were shot, but Diana has helped me avoid my every day knee pain and even gotten me back on the basketball court on a consistent basis, which is an absolute miracle given how bad my knees were before we started working together.  Diana’s unique combination of yoga and physical therapy techniques have transformed my walking and standing postures and allowed me to stretch muscles more deeply and in different ways than I have ever been able to do working by myself or with other practitioners. Diana uses targeted exercises to activate and strengthen particular muscles to allow me to participate in sports and get through the day.  She’s a miracle worker. – Larry Barshay (Corporate Partner, Fried Frank)

“ Diana Zotos has devised a unique method that melds the best of physical therapy and yoga to produce a superior physical and psychological outcome.  At some point in
everyone’s life, more than maintenance is necessary to combat the forces of age, overuse and injuries.  PT addresses injuries after they occur and yoga increases flexibility and balance.  Diana focuses on core strength and personal physical weaknesses, both to fix “what’s broken” and to prevent future injuries, but also devises personalized routines that allow her clients to broaden their range of activities and increase their output.  The
psychological benefits of triumphing over age are every bit as important as the
physical ones.” – David Jaffe, Managing Partner, Centre Partners


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